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Welcome to The Royal Bartending Co.


Your number one source for bartenders, bartending education, and bar products. We are dedicated to giving you the very best experience, with a focus on excellent customer service, professionalism, and uniqueness.


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“Even in the rain, there’s beauty to be found“

In 2017 Myles (Soapy) Saunders began his bartending journey as means to pay his way through college. Bars and clubs started to close due to the pandemic leaving him unemployed. His passion for bartending, customer service and entrepreneurship drove him to create a business plan that wields the presence of a bar, but the atmosphere of the customers' choosing. After graduating college and gaining experience working at several popular bars, Myles decided to launch Soapy's Bartending Services.

The bulk of it has been trial and error as "private bartending" is also a very "private" industry and there’s really no wrong or right way to conduct it. Thankfully, we have seen our staff grow from novices to professionals and our clientele expand from our beloved family and friends to well known NBA players, flourishing business owners and of course, dedicated wedding planners. Myles received enough recognition in the bartending industry that it landed him a job managing a popular bar in downtown Sacramento- this encouraged him to move on from his desk job and become a full time mixologist. In two years we became one of the leading bartending services in Northern California. We're thrilled to be a part of the private bartending wing of the bartending industry.



“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

Yep! As of August 2022, we rebranded. Still the same bartending team; we just have A LOT more to offer.


Our team has started to explore new avenues of our service as we expand throughout California and beyond. We are developing our very own line of bartending tools, apparel, and of course, craft cocktails. RBC has also stepped into the education world  as we provide online and in person bartending courses, a full course on “creating your own mobile bartending business” as well as brick and mortar bar consulting. We view our brand as luxury and treat our customers as royalty… so we're altering our brand to better represent our company. 

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